DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) was created by Sony in 2003 to help manufacturers come together to make sure their products could be compatible with one another. The objective is to make media sharing easier and more accessible for the user - the shared media can range from documents, pictures, videos and music.

The Knowhow

DLNA connects products from over 245 different manufacturers including Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and Microsoft through a wired or wireless home network.

Please note: All products need to be DLNA certified to work together. See some examples of how you can use it below:

  • You take a picture with your phone and can send it to your printer wirelessly
  • Send pictures from your camera straight to your TV without any fuss
  • Transfer music from your PC to your MP3 player in a few quick clicks

One example of how it can work: Connect your TV and PC to your router either via a wireless set-up or using network cables (Ethernet). If you update to the latest Windows Media Player you can set-up file sharing by going to Library > Media Sharing. A pop-up will appear showing you which devices you can currently share files with.

Extensive tests are done before a product is DLNA certified to make sure it will operate correctly. You can find what products are certified by going to the DLNA website - http://www.dlna.org/products/

Any products that are DLNA certified will have the following logo:

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Jul 06, 2012

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