While your Wireless Apple Keyboard normally lets you get your message across really easily, every so often it might seem to have a mind of its own. If the wrong characters start appearing on the screen and your typing is not to blame, or the device refuses to recognise that you've pressed a key every so often, there are a few little checks to make the keys unlock their true potential.

The Knowhow

Check Mouse Keys:

If the Mouse Keys function is active it can affect typing on certain keyboards. To turn this off, use the following steps:

  • Enter the Apple menu and select System Preferences
  • Click on Universal Access
  • Select Mouse
  • Click the option next to Mouse Keys until it has been turned on then off again

Check the Bluetooth connection is working:

If the Bluetooth icon is not showing in the top right corner of the screen make sure it is turned on through System Preferences.

  • Open the Apple Menu
  • Click System Preferences
  • Select Bluetooth
  • Choose Show Bluetooth Status In The Menu Bar
  • Restart your computer

Click on the Bluetooth icon and make sure Bluetooth is switched on and set to Discoverable.

Check the battery and connection on the keyboard:

Try new batteries in the keyboard; if the batteries are low on charge the signal may be weak which can lead to interference.

To check the keyboard is properly connected to the computer:

  • Press the keyboard's power button at top of the right hand side
  • If the device is connected to the computer, the light will glow for a few seconds
  • If the light blinks, it's not linked to the computer but is now ready to connect

To link the keyboard to the computer:

  • While the light is still blinking, go to the Bluetooth menu from System Preferences
  • Select the gear icon and choose Connect
  • Click the plus icon and follow the instructions to set up the keyboard connection
  • Press a key on the keyboard to ensure it's connected properly. If not, repeat the process again

Check for signal interference:

  • Make sure the keyboard isn't too far away from the computer; Bluetooth has a maximum range of ten metres
  • Microwaves, cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers and certain speakers can affect the Bluetooth signal
  • If possible, move these devices further away from the computer and keyboard.

Clean the keyboard:

Dust and dirt in the keyboard can sometimes cause it to type incorrectly. Our guide on cleaning your device will talk you through the right way to do this.

Check the keyboard setup:

  • Open System Preferences and select Language and Text
  • Choose Input Sources
  • Click the box for Keyboard and Character Viewer
  • Select your language option from the list
  • Click Show Input Menu in Menu Bar so a tick is next to it
  • The Input Menu icon bar will now appear at the top right of your screen
  • Click this and select Show Keyboard Viewer
  • A "virtual keyboard" will display
  • Type on your keyboard. The virtual keyboard will display the key signals the computer is receiving

If the virtual keyboard displays the wrong keys when you type there may be an issue with your computer or wireless keyboard that needs repair.

Should the virtual keyboard display the right keystrokes but you still experience problems when using applications this may indicate a software issue. Updating or reinstalling the software can restore any settings that may have become corrupted.

Updated On:

Nov 17, 2011

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