A mobile internet dongle is a small USB stick which allows the user to connect to the internet while on the move. Dongles, also known as wireless cards and wireless routers, are plug-in devices which detect a wireless connection in the event that your PC does not have a built-in wireless adaptor. Follow the instructions below to install your mobile internet dongle.

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The Knowhow

Installing your mobile internet dongle on a PC or Laptop

  • First: choose a mobile internet dongle (available from all good electrical retailers)
  • Once you've chosen your internet provider, select your connection package (i.e. how many days access you will need per month and how many GB of data you expect to download during that time)
  • Plug the dongle into any free USB port on your PC or laptop
  • Usually, a pop-up prompt will appear, asking you if you wish to install the associated software for the dongle. Click OK to continue
  • If no pop-up window appears, you may have to initiate the download manually. To do this, you can either install the software from the CD-ROM which came with your dongle, or by going into Control Panel, proceeding to Add/Remove new hardware, and double-clicking on the icon for the relevant software.
  • You may also be able to kick-start the CD-ROM by going to My Computer, finding the CD-ROM drive and launching the CD-Rom by double-clicking on the relevant icon
  • Once your mobile internet software has been installed, you will be sent a URL link by your chosen internet provider, so that you can add credit to your account (or set up your pay-monthly contract).
  • Once you have the payment details sorted out, you will be connected automatically to the mobile wireless network, and can begin surfing.

Updated On:

Aug 01, 2012

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