If you’ve got a new Sony flat panel TV and find it keeps turning itself off, there’s no need to worry – the cause is an eco feature that has recently been introduced by all TV manufacturers to cut down on energy consumption. If you’re finding this frustrating, we’ll show you how to adjust the setting or turn it off completely.


The Knowhow

With Sony televisions, this feature is called Idle TV Standby and automatically puts the television into standby mode after a set amount of time if no controls on the TV or remote are pressed. Idle TV Standby mode can be turned off, or set to activate after one, two or three hours of inactivity.

Depending on the exact model of Sony TV you have there are two methods to adjust this setting.

Method 1:

  • Press the Menu or Home button on the remote control
  • Using the arrow keys, move the selection down to Settings
  • Select this menu with the Set button, in the middle of the arrow keys
  • Use the arrow keys to highlight Eco and press Set
  • Use the arrow keys to select Idle TV Standby and press Set
  • Change the setting using the arrow keys and press Set

Method 2:

  • Press Home on the remote control
  • Use the arrow keys to move left and select Settings
  • Select System Settings
  • Use the arrow keys to move down and select Eco
  • Move down again and select Idle TV Standby
  • Adjust to the time option you want, or turn the function off

Updated On:

Nov 08, 2011

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