With such good TV to watch from your Sky box you might start running out of space on the hard drive. If you want a permanent copy of your favourite shows or just want to free up some space, the easiest way is by recording onto DVD.

The Knowhow

Note: Once you start recording onto DVD, you're not able to watch other programmes on your Sky box until it's complete.

Please note that set up can be different depending on your DVD recorder - please refer to the manufacturer's manual if unsure. The diagram and instructions below is the usual set up:

Initial Setup:

  • Turn everything off from the mains
  • Connect the TV to the DVD recorder using an aerial cable. Next, use an aerial cable to connect the DVD recorder to the Sky box.
  • Using a SCART lead, connect the Sky box to the back of the TV. Use a second SCART lead to connect the Sky box to the DVD recorder

SCART lead          Aerial Cable

Recording to DVD:

  • Once everything is connected correctly turn the TV and Sky box on
  • From the Sky box, go to the TV Planner and highlight the programme you want to record onto DVD
  • On the Sky remote, press the left/right arrow buttons until you see Copy button appear at the bottom of the screen
  • Press the green button to copy it and select any other programmes you want
  • When you're finished press Select
  • Make sure your DVD recorder is turned on and on the DVD remote, press the record button
  • Press Select on the Sky remote

In a short while, recording will start and a new screen will appear showing you what is being copied. You can cancel at any time by pressing any button on your Sky remote.

When buying DVD's to record on, check to see if they'll be compatible with your DVD recorder. The front of the recorder will normally have symbols to let you know if it supports DVD-R (W) or DVD+R (W). Our article on DVD formats explains the differences.

Updated On:

Nov 08, 2011

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