When the charger stops working, it means you'll have to revert back to the days of using a manual toothbrush. Try going through the steps in this article and if it still has no life, you'll need to buy a replacement. Replacement chargers can usually be bought online from various sources or from the manufacturer provided you know the make and model of your toothbrush.

The Knowhow

When you notice your charger isn't working, try doing the following checks:

  • Make sure the charger is connected correctly to the charger unit and the wire hasn't become loose
  • Try plugging the charger into another wall socket, removing/replacing any adapters that are connected. This will determine if the wall socket or adapter is the cause of the problem.
  • Check you're using the correct voltage for your toothbrush/charger; e.g. a wall socket and shaving socket have different voltages

Have you noticed your charger getting hotter in the last few weeks? If so, it could be that the battery in the toothbrush isn't holding its charge. This can happen if it's been stored in a room that was too hot or if it's becoming rusty inside.

If you've done these checks and the toothbrush charging indicator isn't moving or there's no green light on the charger, you'll need to buy a replacement sadly, so dig out your normal toothbrush until you can get it replaced.

Replacements can usually be bought from the manufacturer's, some of which are shown below:

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Oct 05, 2011

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