The BIOS update 1.10A for the Advent 4211 & 4489 Netbook is now available to improve a small number of performance and functionality issues. This supersedes the previous release, so it is recommended that you install this update.

The Knowhow

This BIOS update is for the following models: Advent 4211, 4211B, 4211C and 4489. Do not attempt to install it if you have a different make or model.

The update and how to install it can be found at

IMPORTANT: It is vital to follow the correct steps when updating your BIOS; not doing so can cause serious issues that could stop your computer working.

Note: Please make sure your netbook is connected to mains power with the battery pack removed before beginning the BIOS update. Disconnect all other devices from the computer.

Step 1: Checking your power button mode

By default, your power button is set to Shut Down your Advent Netbook. If you have altered this setting please change it back using the following method:

  • Click Start
  • Open the Control Panel
  • Select Performance and Maintenance
  • Choose Power Options
  • From the Power Options window, select Advanced
  • Under Power buttons check the option When I press my power button on my computer is set to Shut down

Step 2: Downloading and extracting the Winflash tool

Note: To prevent interruption, your computer's keyboard and touchpad will be disabled once the BIOS flash begins.

  1. Click to download the zip file from this link:
  2. Select a destination to save the file, such as your Desktop folder
  3. Once downloaded, right-click on the file called and select the option to Extract All
  4. Extract the file to a folder on the hard drive by clicking Browse (shown below). For example, your Desktop folder
  5. You will now have a subfolder called "Advent_4211_BIOS_10A" on your Desktop containing the update files. Double-click on this folder to open it
  6. From Advent_4211_BIOS_10A folder, double-click on the file RunFlash (depending on your folder settings, it may appear as RunFlash.bat). The following message will appear
  7. Read the warning and press ENTER to continue with the BIOS flash or Ctrl+C to abort
  8. The BIOS Flash utility will now write the update to your computer's BIOS. This may take several minutes. Please do not power off your computer until the update is complete
  9. When the update is complete, the black window will disappear. Press the power button once to turn off your notebook computer
  10. Remove the power lead from the Netbook. Wait 10 seconds then reconnect the battery pack and power lead
  11. When you power up your computer, it will have applied the update and your keyboard and touchpad will be back to normal

Note: If you are still having problems with your keyboard or touchpad, power down the unit and removing the power lead and battery pack. Wait 10 seconds then reconnect the battery pack and power lead.

BIOS update details:

  • Fixes the issues of the Netbook turning off during the BIOS splash screen if the power button is held down for more than 2 seconds.
  • Fixes the issue of Windows Media Player visualisations failing to load when playing MP3s on mains power.
  • Improves the detection of USB devices.
  • Add skip onboard memory function.
  • Update CPU Atom N270 microcode.
  • Modify battery Name (" ") & Manufacturer (" ")
  • Update EC file
  • Fixed sometimes system time will roll back to 2005/01/01
  • Fix keyboard function about "Page Up", "Page Down", "Home" and "End" keys

Updated On:

Nov 08, 2011

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