The Dr Dre 'Beats' range of headphones is a group of audio accessories created in collaboration with the Rapper and Music Producer Dr Dre. The Dre Beats range is designed to play top-quality sounds with an emphasis on excellent bass reproduction, on noise-cancelling headphones that won't disturb the little old lady sitting next to you on the bus.

The headphones are a high-end product made from the best materials with an innovative product design. Their popularity has seen them shamelessly reproduced by the counterfeit goods market; this article explains how to spot a 'real' set of Dre Beats from their fake counterparts.

The Knowhow

Work through the 'fake' v. 'real' checklist below to see if your product is the genuine article:

OUTER PACKAGING (BLACK): MATERIALS Genuine Dre Beats packaging is larger (taller, wider, and more substantial) than its fake counterparts Fake boxes are small and insubstantial
  Has the quality finish you would expect from a high-end product Low-quality packaging; easily damaged
OUTER PACKAGING (BLACK): TEXT Quality hallmarks on the outer packaging include clear, white, easily-readable text Text on outer packaging is blurry and has a grey wash to it
  Dre's image on back of box is well-illuminated Dre's image is poorly illuminated
  Packaging edges are thick and doubled-up Packaging edges are thin, single-layered, and of a poor quality generally. Edges usually have a slightly battered appearance as the box is unable to withstand the rigours of transportation
  Box glides out of outer packaging with ease Box is poorly designed and exits outer packaging with difficulty
INNER PACKAGING (BRIGHT ORANGE) When the black sleeve is removed to reveal the orange inner layer, the orange flap covering the headphones opens with ease and stays open Once opened, the orange flap repeatedly falls shut due to poor-quality design and materials
PRICE Retails for £150-£300 Retails for >£30
ACCESSORIES (EARBUDS) Leather-look small, round zip-up pouch contains small plastic zip-lock bag with a selection of different earbud coverings. Bag contains 3 x 'round' earbuds and 2 x 'cone-shaped' earbuds. One set of earbuds is already covering the headphones (5 pairs total) Pouch contains two small plastic bags holding 1 x cone-shaped earbuds and 5 x circular earbuds. One set of earbuds is already covering the headphones (6 pairs total)
  Pouch fits snugly into foam packaging Pouch is a poor fit for packaging
HEADPHONES Headphone coverings are made from genuine brushed Aluminium and Chrome Headphone coverings are made from fake brushed Aluminium (coated plastic) and several sections have a shiny, silver-effect shell covering
  The headphone lead has a small serial number near the jack - the serial number is well-hidden so take a good look! No serial number on headphone jack or lead
  Coiled cord has a wire tag to keep the cord from tangling Cord is coiled but has no tie in place
  'Monster' logo on cable is poker-straight and has a high-quality finish 'Monster' logo on cable is easily damaged (headphones often arrive with logo already cracked) and the font irregularly printed
INSTRUCTION MANUALS AND BOOKLETS Box contains 3 sets of printed information; one general instruction manual (different for each individual set of headphones in the Beats range), and 2 sets of 'Hear More' information leaflets Box contains one 'universal' instruction booklet for the entire Dre Beats range - one generic instruction leaflet and no other leaflets or printed information

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May 21, 2012

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