When the iPad was released, it was a roaring success - with Apple selling around 300,000 on the first day of sale. What made it stand out was how you could browse the web, listen to your music and watch videos on the go from its really intuitive interface.

The latest release of the iPad 3 has new features including 4G and Retina display but what else is different? Read our article and find out more.

The Knowhow

iPad Look and Feel

For the fashion conscious the iPad 3 is available in two colours; black and white - whereas the iPad was only ever available in black. With this being the case, a lot of new iPad users protect their piece of kit with a Smart Cover, which comes in a variety of colours.

iPad Cases

Whilst all iPad's share some of the same characteristics such as 10 hour battery life and a 9.7" LED screen, the iPad 3 does have some unique qualities. The iPad 3 now has Retina display which means the picture or text on your screen is less pixelated. Also included on the iPad 3 is a three-axis gyroscope which senses how the iPad is moving, meaning game play will be more precise and realistic. See the table below for the key differences:

  iPad iPad 2 iPad 3
Height 9.56 inches 9.50 inches 9.50 inches
Width 7.47 inches 7.31 inches 7.31 inches
Depth 0.5 inch 0.34 inch 0.37 inch
Weight 1.5-1.6 pounds 1.33 - 1.35 pounds 1.44 – 1.46 pounds
Processor 1GHz Apple A4 chip 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 chip 1GHz dual-core Apple A5X chip
Gyro No 3-axis 3-axis

iPad vs. iPad 2 Features

One feature that was lacking from the original iPad was a built-in camera. Although the iPad tablet might not be the easiest device to take a picture with, it's ideal to video chat on. The iPad 2 supersedes this by having not one, but two cameras; one on the front and one on the back. The back camera enables you to shoot HD video (720p).

iPad vs. iPad 3 Features

It’s very hard to see the differences when looking at them both but the iPad 3 includes added value with improved screen quality and a faster processor. Although 4G isn’t available in the UK yet, when it is, iPad 3 users will experience faster network speeds meaning streaming videos through the internet will be smoother.

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Jul 10, 2012

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