Washing machine load capacity can vary between 6 to 12kg - 7kg is the average, but what does that mean? Overloading or even under loading the amount of washing you load into the drum can really affect the efficiency of the wash programme. Here are some tips to loading your washing machine correctly.

The Knowhow


We know it's tempting to overload the washing machine until it's fit to bursting to save time, but the results may be disappointing. Overloading can cause the wash to just move around in the drum in one big mass, which will stop the detergent from circulating properly and prevent items from agitating against each other sufficiently.

As a rule of thumb, you should fill the drum but ensure there is a reasonable space (a hand's width should be sufficient) between the top of the pile and the drum. However you may need to adjust this depending on the type of fabrics involved. Cottons can be washed in maximum loads for example, whereas most other fabrics should be less to prevent unnecessary creasing and optimise the efficiency of the wash. Here is a general guide (based on a 6kg machine).

  • Cottons - max load 6kg
  • Minimum Iron - max load 3kg
  • Delicates - max load 2kg
  • Woollens - max load 2kg
  • Silks - max load 1kg


It's not a good idea to under load your machine either, as it can affect the efficiency of the spin. This upsets the machine's balance protection system. This means your washing may not spin at the speed you want or even not spin at all.

Here is a handy guide:

6 5 towels (small hand towels)
  6 lightweight tops (T-shirts/vests/thermal long-sleeved cotton tops)
  2 pairs of trousers/jeans
  10 pairs of socks/underwear
  2 bed sheets/tablecloths. Not duvet covers, these are too substantial.
  2 pairs of pillowcases/1 jumper
7.5 5 towels (small)
  2 pairs of pillowcases/1 jumper
  10 lightweight tops
  2 bed sheets/1 duvet cover
  4 pairs of trousers/jeans
  20 pairs of socks/underwear
10 8 towels (small)
  5 pairs of trousers/jeans (small)
  30 pairs of socks/underwear
  4 pillowcases
  3 bed sheets (duvet/bottom sheet/valance)
  15 lightweight tops (cotton T-shirts)

Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific details.

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Oct 27, 2014

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