Whether you're a runner, a dancer, or a boxer, there's a home fitness regime to suit your needs and interests. If you plan on starting a new fitness regime in the New Year, there's a selection of sports equipment from sports headphones to gaming consoles, designed to help you plan your post New Year's Eve health kick.

The Knowhow

What kind of budget have you put aside for your new fitness regime? Pick an option from the list below:

A low budget treat
A mid-range spend
An extravagant investment

A low budget treat

  • Blood Pressure Monitors: This might sound like a piece of medical equipment, but in actual fact this is a very handy, low-key piece of kit to keep an eye on your personal fitness. You can share the latest results with your Doctor, get stats sent to your iPhone, monitor and compare the improvement in your personal fitness throughout the new training regime, and send e-mails to medical professionals for advice.

  • iPod Shuffle: the Shuffle is the smallest, lightest, and most inexpensive member of the iPod gang, and its simple portability makes it the ideal companion for a hike or a run.
  • Scales: if you really want to keep fit in the New Year, weighing yourself is a great motivational tool!

A mid-range spend

  • The Garmin golfing GPS: The Garmin GPS is the Holy Grail of golfing accessories. The receiver tracks the distance covered by your shot, measures accuracy, highlights potential hazards, and keeps a digital scorecard so that you can see who's winning and who needs to step up their game!
  • The bike computer: the bike computer is the next big thing for cycling fanatics - it measures the ride of your chosen course, keeps a watchful eye for improvements in your overall performance (speed, cardiovascular strength and stability), and offers precise data collation and calculation (i.e. route elevation, distance travelled, location and time taken, calories burnt, and the altitude level during your trip).
  • iPod Nano: The smallest-possible touchscreen iPod - this makes a handy, lightweight MP3 Player for your sporting needs.
  • Wii Fit + Wii Fit Plus (Wii): The Wii Fit has quickly developed a great reputation for being the busy professional's home-gym of choice. Wii Fit Plus boasts a series of new games and fitness manoeuvres, all designed to make your New Year's fitness regime much easier to stick to. The best thing yet? Wii Fit Plus includes a special 'Pet Fit' tool, so that your out-of-shape kitty can be included in the weigh-in!
  • Zumba & Zumba 2 (Wii): If you're a big fan of the Wii, Zumba Fitness and Zumba Fitness 2 will make a great addition to your collection of Wii fitness classes. Zumba dance fitness classes have taken the world by storm - they're high-energy, great fun, and will help you to perfect your dance moves to Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, , Hip-Hop, Mambo, Rumba, and the Flamenco!
  • Fitness Coach Club (for Wii): My Fitness Coach Club is a wonderful choice of Wii game for younger children. All children aged seven and up can get involved with the club, and it's a great trick to get children interested in fitness.
  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved - for Kinect (Wii): Want your own private personal trainer? Of course you do - and here's how to get hold of one without paying over the odds. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved customizes the player's workout, to provide you with the ultimate fitness support. If you want to try out the No. 1 fitness game for Kinect, the 2012 edition carries new warm-up and cool-down exercises, is designed to target your specific training goals and sports interests, and has great new additions such as a jump-rope program.
  • My Fitness Coach Club (for the PS3): The PlayStation 3 version of My Fitness Coach Club has a wide selection of downloadable workouts for you to enjoy - you can even personalise the workout to suits your needs, interests, and fitness level.

An extravagant investment

  • The Nintendo Wii black games console: The Wii Black games console comes with a specially selected range of sporting games, including the Wii Sports (sports simulations) and Wii Sports Resort (designed to enhance the motion controller functions and make the best use of this new tool), and includes the Motion Plus Controller (an add-on which makes the Wii controllers more responsive).
  • XBOX 360:The XBOX 360 - it's the one of the most popular consoles for gamers, and the addition of the Kinect has really kept it ahead of the pack. Kinect allows the player to become the controller, by locking onto your movements and tracking them as you work out.
  • Playstation 3: The PS3 is one of the best multiplayer gaming consoles on the market, and if you're truly serious about launching an intense fitness regime in the New Year, the PS3 can help you out. The PS3 was the very first console to make use of motion controlled technology, making it quite literally ahead of the game.
  • iPod Touch: the iPod Touch is the King of iPods. It's the best iPod to watch video clips and DVDs on, but it also has an excellent, easy-to-use camera and the great audio quality we've come to expect from Apple products. There is a range of sports accessories for you to use your iPod touch while you work out, from arm bands to hold the iPod while you run, to Nike sensors which track your route and monitor your heart rate.
  • The flashy sports watch: if you're planning a big change in your fitness regime, the sports watch is the ideal personal trainer in gadget form. The most high-end models are portable GPS systems for your wrist - they allow you to track the distance covered while you run, and to compare your performance against previous training sessions.

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Feb 06, 2012

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