Fed up with scratched DVDs ruining your film? Maybe it's time you converted to Blu-ray discs (BD) - these are more resistant to surface damage than standard disc formats. This article explains the difference between Blu-ray and standard discs and why converting to Blu-ray can be a good investment.

The Knowhow

Blu-rays (BD) are more scratch-resistant than standard DVDs:

  • BD's have a special coating on them - this protects the disc from wear and tear
  • Scratch tests have shown that Blu-rays are fairly tough - they can even withstand scratches from sharp metal keys (and still be played)
  • The coating combines a cover layer, a hard, protective middle layer, and the recorded layer - the film's data - underneath
  • At the moment BDs are more expensive to produce, but the Blu-ray Disc Association have said that BDs will soon be the same price as DVDs

What's the difference between Blu-ray discs and standard DVD discs?

  • Blu-ray discs are stronger and more resistant to wear and tear
  • BD can store more information (five times more: 25 - 50 GB)
  • BD have a much faster data transfer rate (this means they perform better)
  • HD shows more picture detail than standard definition (5 times the amount)
  • Blu-rays play high-definition films
  • Blu-ray discs cost more than standard DVD formats (for the time being)

Should I make the move to Blu-ray?

  • Blu-ray is all about high-definition viewing. If you're a fan of HD TV and want to make the conversion to an HD-Ready TV, then Blu-ray is the next step towards full-spectrum HD viewing
  • BD will eventually take over from DVD, but at the moment BD and DVD formats run side by side
  • Once HD TV has been rolled out across the board - it is likely BD will take over.
  • Standard DVD formats won't be obsolete - you'll still be able to play your old DVDs, but they won't be in high-definition
  • BD is good if you want to build up a film library with a long shelf-life

Updated On:

Aug 07, 2012

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