Follow the list below to receive step-by-step instructions for using Leno Rescue System 3.0 with Windows.

The Knowhow

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Create a backup disc
Reinstall drivers and applications from within Windows
What to do if Windows doesn't launch
Driver and Application Installation

Create a backup disc

  • Click on Start, followed by Programs
  • Find the option marked Lenovo, then Lenovo Rescue System

    Lenovo Rescue System in Windows

  • The menu below will be presented:

    Lenovo Rescue System 3.0

  • Choose System Backup. This tool creates a backup to an image file
  • A pop-up window will ask you to close all Windows applications - Click OK

    Lenovo Notice

  • The first stage in the backup process will appear (see below). Choose the backup destination folder
  • Click Next

    Lenovo Rescue System Select Destination

  • Click Start to launch the backup process

    Lenovo System Backup summary

  • You will be asked if you want to restart your computer (click Yes)

    Lenovo restart computer system recovery

  • Your computer may restart automatically, launching Lenovo's OneKeyRecovery programme
  • A new window will appear - choose to Create a Recovery Disc:

    Lenovo create recovery disc

  • You will be asked to close all Windows applications again - make sure you do this
  • Click Next to begin writing your Recovery Disc

    Lenovo rescue recovery disc type

  • Try not to use the computer while your recovery disc is being created
  • The time taken to complete the process depends on the size of the backup
  • NB: you will be prompted to replace the disc with a new, clear disc once the original has reached capacity. Replace the old disc with a new one each time you are prompted.
  • Your backup is now complete. Store the discs somewhere safe!
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Reinstall drivers and applications from within Windows

  • Click on Start, go to Programs and then open Lenovo
  • Find Lenovo Driver and Application Installation (see below):

NB: if this feature is not available you will need to install the Driver and Application Installation using the Lenovo Rescue System. You can do this by pressing the F2 key while your computer is still booting up.

Lenovo driver and application installation
  • A new window will appear - automatic driver installation

    Lenovo automatic driver installation

  • You will be given the option to choose between a Complete Installation or a Custom Installation
    • A Complete Installation (installs all of the drivers onto your computer automatically
    • A Custom Installation (lets you install drivers individually)
  • Choose the installation best suited to your PC
  • Next, a new window will appear - the Bundled Software Installation:
  • Choose the software you would like to install from the list, and then press OK to transfer

NB: If you are reinstalling software - make sure that you uninstall it first, before proceeding to re-install the program from scratch

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What to do if Windows doesn't launch

  • Press the F2 key while your PC boots up
  • Power your computer off. For Notebook computers, press the 'OKR' (OneKey Rescue) button
  • The Lenovo welcome screen will appear:

    Lenovo welcome screen

  • Lenovo Rescue System 3.0 will launch, and you will be presented with the following 3 options:

    Lenovo 3.0 OneKey recovery

  • Choose OneKey Recovery

    Lenovo OneKey Recovery system

  • OneKey Recovery gives you 2 options; you can either:
    • Restore from initial backup (restores the system to the factory default state)
    • Restore from user's backup (restore from an image file you can create using the System Backup feature of Lenovo Rescue System in Windows)
      OneKey recovery on a Lenovo system

  • Choose the backup method which best suits your computer, then click Next

    Lenovo start restoration using onekey recovery

  • A new window will appear - this just summarizes the backup process
  • Choose a destination folder for your backup
  • Click Start to launch the restoration process
    Lenovo start restoration method

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Driver and Application Installation

This process installs the drivers and applications through Windows.

  • Choose the option marked Driver and Application Installation
    Lenovo Driver and Application Installation in Windows

  • A pop-up window will appear, alerting you to the fact that Windows will close down and restart as part of the installation process
  • Click OK
    lenovo driver and application installation process

  • Your computer will close down and restart
  • Two new windows will appear (see below), these monitor the progress of the installation process:
    automatic driver installation lenovo driver list lenovo bundled software installation

  • The final stage asks you to setup a password and configure the network settings for the Lenovo Rescue System.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the rescue process.
    lenovo recovery system settings screenshot
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Updated On:

Jul 11, 2012

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