Windows 7 makes using the computer easier than ever before as it's packed with lots of useful features for everyone. This includes having a faster start-up and easier navigation.

Knowhow to spot the benefits of Windows 7.

The Knowhow

1. Faster start up & programs load faster

With every new OS, the start up time becomes faster and it's no difference with Windows 7. This has been achieved by using fewer resources and running less background processes.

To help open programs and files faster, there is a new feature called Jump Lists. Right-click on a program icon on the taskbar and you'll be show a list of your most commonly used and pinned files.

windows 7 programs load faster

2. Energy Efficient

Windows 7 have improvised its sleep mode and power saving options, so laptops and netbooks can get more power from the battery. Desktop PC's can benefit too as it's now easier to see what programs are consuming the most power and the OS can help improve energy use by, for example, turning off Wi-Fi when it's not in use or lowering screen brightness.

Computers only need to have a 1GHz processor and 1GB RAM, so even entry level devices can benefit from Windows 7.

3. Quicker Search

There are now lots more ways to look for programs, files, songs, emails etc... This can be done by typing your search into the Start search bar (as shown below) or the search bar located at the top right of a folder. The search can also find files on your external hard drives or connected computers.

windows 7 quicker search

4. Snap, Peek & Shake

Snap - Gives you an easier way to resize open windows and the ability to see two documents side-by-side. To do this:

  • Drag an open window (by its title bar) to one of the corners of the screen, until an outline appears. Release the mouse for the changes to take place.
  • If you want to compare documents: drag one document to the left of the screen and the other to the right of the screen.
  • If you drag the window away from the top of the screen, the window will go back to its original size.

Peek - When there's lots of windows open it's hard to find where each one is and it can seem like an impossible task to get back to the desktop - that's where 'Peek' helps.

To view past all your open windows and see the desktop, hover over the bottom right corner of the taskbar and all the screens will become transparent. Clicking on the corner will minimise all the windows and clicking on it again will make them reappear.

Shake - Having lots of windows open at the same time can become distracting to the eye. To focus on one window, left-click on its title bar (the top part of the window) and shake the mouse - all the other windows will now disappear. If you shake the window again, the other screens will reappear.

5. Windows Media Centre

Enhancements have been made to Windows Media, so it's now easier to watch videos, find music and share files with other devices.

Once you have set up a home network or have installed a TV tuner, you can record and watch TV through your PC, and you also have the ability to watch internet TV. windows 7 windows media centre center

Updated On:

Jul 06, 2012

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