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Can I back up my entire drive?

Knowhow Cloud is designed to back up personal files and folders, not to backup system or program files.

In the event of a hardware failure, both your operating system and the programs running on it would need to be reinstalled. Because of this, a backup would have very little value.

If you have suffered a hardware failure, you should reinstall your operating system from the discs provided by your manufacturer. Your backed-up files can then be restored from our servers.

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Can I back up external / USB hard drives?

You can use the cloud with external USB drives. Backed up data exists as a "live" copy, so you can backup data from an external hard drive and then access the data after the drive has been removed.

Note: There are risks associated with external hard drives. If the storage operation is not done correctly, any files which were previously uploaded to the cloud cannot be downloaded from our servers.

  • Occasionally, a drive will still appear as "attached", even after it has been unplugged from your computer. In this situation, our software may believe the drive is empty (and will update your cloud to reflect this). To avoid this:
    • Always follow the correct procedure for detaching an external hard drive
    • Don't disconnect the hard drive BEFORE the scan has completed
  • Make sure the drive you save to is the same drive as the cloud. Otherwise the cloud will see an empty drive, and will update your cloud to match.
  • Avoid reassigning a new storage drive, which will only confuse the backup

To avoid an accidental deletion, it is safer to copy files to your Knowhow Cloud Briefcase. Working straight to the Briefcase avoids this kind of data syncing mistake.

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Can I back up network drives / NAS devices?

It is possible to back up NAS devices using Knowhow Cloud Backup.

To do this, you will need to purchase the NAS Backup feature for each network drive:

  • Login to the Web Portal
  • Go to Account Settings
  • From the Add Devices section, select Network Storage or NAS

Note: Business customers can automatically add NAS devices to their Backup.

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Why do I have two computers with the same name in Backup?

  1. You have reinstalled the Knowhow Cloud software on a new computer without uninstalling your old computer.
  2. You have recently reinstalled your operating system, or updated your old operating system.

Knowhow Cloud will create a new set of backups to match your new records - it sees the new record as coming from a new device.

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How do I merge two Backup sets?

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to merge an out-of-date backup with a new backup. We do this to minimise the risk of overriding master files.

Don't worry - we use file de-duplication technology so you won't have to re-upload saved files. All you have to do is check the 'old' backup against the "new" backup, and delete the version you don't want.

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Can I stop a backup halfway through?

Once a scan has been initiated on the Knowhow Cloud, it must complete the upload process. This means that all files will need to have finished uploading before changes to the backup settings can be made. There is no way to stop a scan mid-way through.

If you change the backup selection, your changes will not be carried out until the in-progress upload has finished.

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How can I back up my emails?

You can only backup emails if they are stored on your computer. If you are unsure, you can find out by contacting your email provider or viewing their customer support website. If your emails are stored on the computer, simply add the folder to your backup list.

Microsoft Outlook users – you will need to back up the local .PST file(s). Outlook will need to be closed for your emails to be backed up.

Microsoft Exchange users - you will need to look for the .OST file(s). As Exchange emails are stored on the Exchange email server, they will need to be backed up separately via Exchange processes. Also, these files cannot be backed up using VSS.

Alternatively, you can set up a Livedrive email within the cloud which you can send email attachments to. For more information read our article, Knowhow Cloud Email.

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Why isn't Knowhow Cloud backing up files? Why is the number in the Status screen going up?

Knowhow Cloud software goes through several stages when backing up your computer and these can take time.

  • It scans for new and changed files
  • Any updates detected; i.e. new file creations, file deletions or a change of file location are flagged as 'due for back up'
  • The cloud software duplicates the new folder structure on our servers
  • The new and changed files are sorted by priority
  • The software runs through the Upload queue, updating the content

Note: The more files you choose to backup, the longer the scan takes.

Depending on the number of files destined for upload, the initial scan can take several hours to complete. A large upload involves hours of server communication, the creation of file placeholders and extensive mapping of new folder structures - all of which may take longer than you might expect.

Once the first scan / backup have finished, any subsequent scans will be much speedier. This is because the cloud will only update minor changes made to files - it won't re-upload your data from scratch for every update.

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How can I get to the Manage Backup screen?

To get to the Manage Backup screen:

On a Windows PC

  • Right-click the Livedrive icon (next to the toolbar clock) livedrive status icon
  • Choose Manage Backups

    Manage Backups using Knowhow Cloud
  • Double-click the Livedrive icon
  • A small status window will appear - click on Manage Backups


Knowhow Cloud Manage Backups
  • Open the Livedrive Control Panel
  • Click on Services
  • Choose Manage Backups

Please note: This option is not available for Knowhow Business users.

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Can I use Knowhow Cloud Backup on multiple computers?

The Knowhow Cloud Backup service is designed for use on one computer, but if you have Knowhow Cloud Backup & Share you can backup up to 3 computers and share your files and folders with friends and family.

You can also upgrade to the Knowhow Cloud Pro Suite package, which can backup five computers. For more information on upgrading you can call us on 0800 012 1909 (open 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week).

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Changing files and folders backed up in the cloud

  • Click on the Livedrive icon (Windows: bottom right on the toolbar Livedrive Knowhow Cloud icon; Mac: top toolbar Mac Livedrive desktop icon)
  • Select Manage Backups
  • In the screen that appears, check / uncheck the relevant files or folders
  • Press OK to save your new selections

Note: Any files removed from your backup selection will be marked as deleted. These will be held for 30 days before being permanently removed from our servers.

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When does Knowhow Backup run? Can I force a backup to start manually?

Knowhow Cloud Backup doesn't run to a schedule - it just works in the background and constantly backs up your files as you work. You don't need to keep your PC on overnight - your files are protected 24/7. If you want to change these settings you can do this in Manage Backups under Settings.

You can start a backup scan manually as follows:

On a Windows PC or a Mac

  • Windows: Right-click the Livedrive icon (in the right corner of the screen) Livedrive Windows
  • Mac: Click on the Livedrive icon (located on the desktop)
  • Select Detailed Status
  • Press Scan Now

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Can I edit / delete files online in Knowhow Cloud Backup?

If you are subscribed to Knowhow Cloud Backup you are unable to make any changes to the files through the web portal. This is because this service is designed to keep an exact online replica of your computer. The only way to remove or update files when using Cloud Backup is by removing the unwanted files from your machine or by changing the setting in Manage Backups. For more details, click HERE.

Note: Removing your computer will not stop the backup process from going ahead if your cloud account is still active on the deleted machine. To stop this, you will need to remove the "old" computer from your cloud account. To remove a computer or all your data, simply give us a call on 0800 012 1909 (8am to 8pm) and we will take care of this for you.

If you need to edit, move, delete or rename files online, try the Knowhow Cloud Backup & Share service, which includes the Briefcase - our powerful access-anywhere service.

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I accidently deleted a file - can I recover it?

Note: It is not possible to undelete files in your Backup as these are a mirror copy of the files on your local computer. The only way to place them back into the cloud is by adding the file(s) again through Manage Backups.

You can however undelete a file in the Briefcase. To do this, go to our article for Knowhow Briefcase.

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Where can I see my backed up files?

Your files are all available from the secure Web Portal. To view your files:

  • Login with your Knowhow Cloud account email address and password
  • Click on the Backup tab

From the Backup tab, you can browse files just like you can in Windows. You can also watch movies, view Office documents, play music and display photos directly from your web browser.

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Uploading to your Knowhow Cloud through the Web Portal

There are two upload methods in the web portal, Java and Flash. Java allows you to drag and drop files from the computer straight to the web portal. Flash lets you select multiple files at the same time and they will upload in the background. For either of these methods, you will need to install and update Java or Flash; see below for the relevent links:

Choose the type of upload by:

  • Logging into the Web Portal
  • Clicking on Account Settings
  • Going to Upload Settings (on the right-hand side)

Note: The maximum file size to upload is 2GB and a maximum of 2000 items can be uploaded in a single operation.

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Why are my uploads so slow?

Upload times vary according to your internet connection. Knowhow Cloud does not throttle bandwidth in any way, however if you are concerned about capping, you can set bandwidth limits through the Knowhow Cloud desktop software.

  • You can verify your upload speed using a third party site such as http://www.speedtest.net/
  • Please ensure that you conduct all speed test for the London area

Knowhow Cloud reports are measured in KB/s (kilobytes per second), and not in terms of Kb/s (kilobits per second). Check these values when performing a speed measurement - kilobits measure 1/8 the value of kilobytes and the reading given will be very different.

You may also wish to check the queue of pending uploads - a large queue may take longer. You can modify the files and folders destined for backup to manage a large queue. If you can't see ANY pending uploads, it is advisable to run an integrity check. This will look at the status of your account and check everything is as it should be. You can find instructions in this section.

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Can I upload files to Knowhow Cloud Backup online?

No - you can't upload new files online. Knowhow Cloud Backup is a direct copy of the files you have on your computer. If you want to upload files from the web portal or upload images from your tablet or smartphone, you will need to be subscribed to Knowhow Cloud Backup & Share.

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Why do some of my files have a red arrow by them? Why can't I download a file? Why can't I play a file in the browser?

Any files in the web portal marked with an upwards-pointing arrow on a red background, have not finished uploading. They cannot be viewed online, shared, or downloaded until they have completed.

Knowhow Cloud uploading file, red arrow

You can view the queue of pending uploads at any time, to see when the upload is likely to be finished. To do this:

  • Click on the Livedrive icon and choose Manage Backups

If there are no pending uploads then you may wish to run an integrity check to identify and fix potential glitches with your account. To run an integrity check:

  • Click on the Livedrive icon and choose Settings
  • Go to Advanced > Maintenance
  • Click on Run (please note this may take several minutes)

Please note: The time it takes to upload a file is dependent on your internet connection - we do not throttle your bandwidth in any way.

You can check your upload speed using a third party site such as http://www.speedtest.net/

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What's the uptime? Is there an outage?

Knowhow Cloud has been designed to ensure maximum uptime for our customers. We try to perform updates with minimal customer impact and we announce any upgrades or maintenance on our status page.

You can review this at any time, to see if there is any ongoing maintenance work or upcoming work scheduled.

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