This article will tell you what the SE (5E) Error Message means on your Samsung ceramic glass electric hob and what to do to resolve the problem when it occurs.

Samsung ceramic glass hob

The Knowhow

This fault is caused by a short of the control panel's sensor field for more than 10 seconds. This can be caused by one of the three situations listed below.

By touching the key area for more than 10 seconds such as:

  • Putting arms or hand resting on the control panel
  • By putting a wet (damp) towel on the touch key area
  • By liquid boiled over or spilt on the touch key area
  • By an electro-conductive material left on the touch panel
  • Touching 2 or more keys together over 10 seconds

This problem can be solved simply by removing the cause above then switching the power off and then back on again at the main switch. Thankfully, this is a solution you should be able to handle yourself!

A defective Touch-PBA

Some or all of the touch keys are not recognised when touched always or intermittently. This is often caused by a fault requiring the Touch-PBA to be replaced by an engineer.

Humidity invasion of the Touch-PBA

If you think that damp has got onto the Touch-PBA under the glass, an engineer visit should be arranged to refit/replace the rubber seal around the touch panel.

Hopefully these solutions should sort out your error message however if you need more help, you can call Knowhow on 0344 561 1234.

Updated On:

May 22, 2014

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