Most of what you do on your Chromebook or Chromebox will involve the Google Chrome web browser. To get started, you can open up the browser by clicking on the Chrome logo at the bottom-left of the Chromebook screen or click on the desktop icon labelled Chrome.

Google chromebook OS

In this article, we'll show you the basics on how to use the Chrome browser and how to start saving your favourite websites.

The Knowhow

When you open up the Chrome browser, one of the first things you will see is the address bar, also know as the Omnibox. This is where you type in the website you want to go to, or keywords related to what you are looking for. When finished typing, press Enter on your keyboard or select one of the drop down recommendations.

Chrome omnibox

While browsing in the Chrome browser, your web pages will be placed in tabs. This means you can open lots of different websites at the same time and they will be kept in individual tabs, as shown below:

Google Chrome tabs

Clicking on the 'x'in the corner of a tab will completely close that particular webpage. To look at another webpage/tab - simply click on tab you want to view, remembering to avoid the 'x'.

If you accidently closed a tab you can find it again by opening a new tab and clicking on Recently closed at the bottom of the browser screen.

Google Chrome Recently Closed tabs

Tip: For a quick way to open a new tab, simply press CTRL+T together.

In the same way you use tabs, you can open multiple webpages in new browser windows. To do this, right-click on a link and select Open in New Window instead of open in New Tab.

Bookmarks and the bookmark bar

Also known as Favourites or Internet Shortcuts, bookmarks are web pages that the user has saved and is a quicker way of opening the web pages at a later date. Here, we will show you how to add the bookmark bar to your Chrome browser and how to add and organise your bookmarks.

Adding the bookmark bar

By default, the bookmark bar does not appear on the Chromebook. To display the bookmark bar, follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the "wrench" in the top right corner of the browser:

Google Chrome wrench icon

2. From the menu that appears, place a tick in the box marked "Always show the bookmark bar" within the Appearance section:

Chrome Toolbar

3. While you're here, also place a check next to the "Show Home button" box.

4. Now simply close the tab and the changes are applied instantly.

Tip: A quicker way to display the bookmark bar is to press CTRL+ALT+B together.

Bookmark Manager

If you right click (two finger press) on a blank area of the bookmark bar, a separate context menu will appear. Select the option now for Bookmark Manager.

Tip: The Bookmark Manager can be accessed quickly by pressing SHIFT+CTRL+O

From here, you can add folders, delete folders, delete bookmarks etc... Everything placed into the Bookmark bar folder will automatically appear on the bar at the top of every browser window. By categorising bookmarks into folders you can create a really organised collection of bookmarks.

The Bookmark Manager is shown below with the Organise menu opened:

Chrome Organise menu in browser

If you previously had favourites on your PC you can export them via a USB stick. Click on the Import bookmarks from HTML file... option, select the bookmark file to import and click on Open.

Creating a new bookmark

It's actually really simple to create a new bookmark. Follow these steps:

  1. Browse to a website (i.e.
  2. From there, click on the star symbol at the end of the address bar:
    star icon in chrome to bookmark a webpage

  3. A dropdown box will appear asking for the folder to add the bookmark into, choose Bookmark bar and click Done to add the bookmark.

Tip: An alternate way of achieving this is to click on the small image next to the website address and drag it into place. You can also press CTRL+D to bookmark the current page.

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Updated On:

May 22, 2014

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