Viewing email on a Chromebook is probably one of the simplest tasks of all. Once you've logged in with your Google ID, simply click on the Gmail icon (see below) and be automatically logged into your email.

Gmail icon

Alternatively, you can click on the small Gmail checker button within your browser. You can use also use Gmail offline and quickly see if there any unread messages in your inbox.

The knowhow

Downloading the Google Mail Checker

You can see instantly if you have any unread emails in your Gmail by downloading the Google Mail Checker:

1. Open the Google Chrome Web Store as described here. (link to article 9)

2. Once the store front page appears, click on the search box in the top left and type "Gmail checker" as shown:

chrome web store gmail checker

3. From the list of matches that appear, find the one listed as below:

google mail checker application

4. Click on Add to Chrome and then click Add and the app will be installed.

5. Once installed there will be a small icon next to the address bar as shown below:

you have gmail

6. This icon displays how many unread emails you currently have. Click on the icon to jump directly into your Gmail account.

Offline Gmail

To use Gmail while not connected to the Internet, you will need to install the Offline Google Mail application from the Google Chrome Store as described above then click on Add to Chrome:

offline google mail app

Once installed, click on the icon to load the application:

offline google mail icon

The following page will appear with a warning. Click the box marked Allow offline mail and then click on Continue. The next page will display email in an offline format. All emails composed will be sent the next time the system is connected to the Internet.

google chromebook allow offline mail

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Updated On:

May 22, 2014

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