The Chromebook includes a basic photo editor integrated into the file Manager. It's really easy to use and allows you to carry simple tasks such as cropping images and adjusting the brightness and contrast.


The Knowhow

Basic photo viewing and editing is simple. To view your pictures from SD card or external USB device, open the File Manager application. From within the file manager, locate the photo you wish to view, click on it to select it and click the Open button at the bottom right of the window.

Once opened, the photo will be displayed in the image viewer. From here you can use the arrows to the sides to navigate between photos. The edit button is located at the bottom right of the window.

Google Chromebook picture edit

When you click on the Edit button, the bottom bar changes as shown here:

Simply click on the chosen option to adjust the picture as required. For example, when clicking on Brightness the following appears:

chrome screen brightness

Adjust the picture settings as required and press Enter on the keyboard to apply the changes.

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Updated On:

May 22, 2014

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