The Google Chrome Web Store is where you get all of the tools, apps and extensions that enrich your use of the product. Here's where you'll find popular apps such as Facebook, TweetDeck, YouTube and addictive games such as Angry Birds.

Chrome Web Store to download apps and extensions

The Knowhow

Simply click on the icon that looks like the one displayed above.

Upon opening, the store front page will look similar to this:

Web browser Chrome Web Store

From here, simply hover the mouse over an app and an Add to Chrome option will appear. Click on that option to install automatically. Alternatively, to find out all about an app before installation - click on the app image. Something like the image below will appear where you can find out everything you need and click the Add to Chrome option to install:

Add an app to Chrome web browser

Once installed, the application will appear automatically on the applications list as part of the Chrome home page.

Knowhow Chromebook Support Page

Updated On:

May 22, 2014

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