The settings page is easy to access, simply click on the wrench icon on the top right of the browser:

Chrome browser wrench icon for settings

From here, a series of options are presented. Already above we have enabled the bookmark bar and the home button. Also available with the settings pages are the following:

The Knowhow

The Settings Pages

Chrome browser settings for Chrome OS
  • Internet Connection - here, you can change to a different network to connect to or modify the settings of the current network connection.
  • Appearance - This allows you to control the behaviour of the system when first opening the browser such as changing the background wallpaper
  • Device - This allows you to customise your machine, such as adjusting the pointer speed and scrolling.
  • Search - This allows you to select a search engine to use by default as an alternative to Chrome. You can also enable Instant Search here; this is a system where search results appear as you type.
  • Users - This section allows you to manage other users on the system and the various password sync settings available on your user profile.

Managing Extensions

Chrome extensions in the OS

The extensions section of the Settings lists all of the apps and extensions installed within ChromeOS. You can easily uninstall the apps from here, disable them or even enter a developer mode and install your own apps.

Knowhow Chromebook Support Page

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May 22, 2014

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