Google Calendar is already installed on Chromebook. Click on the icon (see below) to open the Calendar tool.

Google Chrome Calendar

The Knowhow

When opening Google Calendar, the below image is the first screen that will appear. Much like Google Docs, simply click the Create button on the left side to add a new entry to the calendar.

Google Chrome Creating a calendar offline

Creating a new entry in the calendar

Once you click on the button marked Create on the calendar overview screen, a new screen will appear. Enter all of the details in the clearly marked boxes and click Save.

The create screen looks like this:

Creating a calendar offline in Google Chrome

Offline Calendar

To enable offline Calendar viewing, click on the Settings menu and click on the option marked Offline as shown here:

Google Chrome tick Offline in settings

Once clicked, a page will appear as below:

Enable Google Calendar Offline pop up

Click on Enable and the offline calendar mode will automatically configure. Each time the system is connected to the Internet, the calendar will be automatically synchronised.

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Updated On:

May 22, 2014

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