If you have purchased the Knowhow Cloud Backup or Cloud Backup & Share along with your Chromebook or have an account already, then you will need to install the Knowhow Cloud Web App from the Google Chrome Web Store. Once added to Chrome, the app is extremely simple to use.

The Knowhow

The Knowhow Web App is available and can be found by searching for Knowhow Cloud.

Once installed, the first screen will require the username and password to be added and a folder name which will be the default location for uploaded files.

Chromebook Knowhow Cloud Backup Service

To use the app, simply click on the Knowhow Cloud icon on the Aura desktop. This will automatically load the web portal, logged in ready for use.

To upload files, open File Manager, in the bottom right where it normally says "Open", click on the arrow next to that and select Upload to Knowhow Cloud. This will then send selected files direct to your Cloud to the folder specified during set up.

For more information about using the Knowhow Cloud service click here.

Knowhow Chromebook Support Page

Updated On:

May 22, 2014

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