If you're puzzled by some of the language used when finding out about your Chromebook, we've put together a brief guide to help you 'get the lingo'.

Google Chrome A - Z Glossary

The Knowhow

Omnibox - This is the name given to the Chrome's address bar. It is unique in that it also doubles as a search box

Aura - This is the name given to the desktop interface of Chrome operating system

Chrome OS - This is the operating system used with the Chromebook and is unlike other systems as it is built around a web browser

Spanner icon Google spanner icon - This is situated to the right of the address bar and where you go to customise and control the settings in Google Chrome

Google Web store - This is where you'll find all the tools, apps and extensions you need to make the most of your Chromebook

Google Apps and Extensions - These are the suite of applications from Google including mail, calendar, word processing, spreadsheet and presentations and are already installed on your Chromebook.

Chrome Instant - You can enable this feature in settings to speed up browsing to see search results as you're typing them into the search bar, even before you press enter

Sandboxing - this refers to the security features of Chrome and Chrome OS to help protect users from malware and viruses. Basically it stops any infected web pages from spreading to other tabs or your computer.

Google ID - Essentially a Googlemail/Gmail email address. You'll need to create one of these before you can start using your Chromebook and all the features.

Guest User - Any person can log into your Chromebook as a Guest user. A Guest user has limited use of the Chromebook; he or she can browse the Web, but not save or access files on your machine.

Incognito Mode - Like most browsers, Chrome keeps a record of every page you visit. If you want to your keep your browsing history private you can use this special mode that will remove any trace of the page you have visited.

Google Cloud Print - This technology connects your printers to the web and makes your home and work printers available to you from your Chromebook and any other web-connected device you want to print from.

Google Docs - is a Google app that allows you to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You can also upload existing work to view, share and edit online. Google Docs are accessible via Google Drive.

Google Drive - this is Google's Cloud service, where you can store, edit and share you files online and access them from wherever you are and from any device. 5GB is provided free and you can upgrade to 25 GB for a monthly fee.

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May 22, 2014

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