If you can't get your hands on the manual for your Kenwood microwave oven, don't despair, we've provided them for you here. Select your model from the list below:

The Knowhow

Below, you will find the manuals for your Kenwood Microwave oven by model number.

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Kenwood Microwave Manuals

Kenwood K17SJA09

Kenwood K23GSS10

Kenwood K25MSS10

Kenwood K25MW10

Kenwood K28CB10

Kenwood K30CSS13

Kenwood KCJS28

Kenwood KCTAL30

Kenwood KGJAL31

Kenwood KGTS23

Kenwood KSMS21

Kenwood KEN CJSI25

Kenwood KEN CJSS32

Kenwood KEN CJ99SSA

Kenwood KEN CTS32

Kenwood KEN GTAL17A

Kenwood KEN SJSS25

Kenwood KEN SJSS28

Kenwood KEN STAL25A

Kenwood K20MSS10

Kenwood K23GSS11

Kenwood K25MSS11

Kenwood K28CB11

Kenwood K30CSS10

Kenwood K31GSS10

Kenwood K25MB12

Kenwood K25MMS12

Kenwood K25MW12

Kenwood K30GSS12

Kenwood K23CSS12

Kenwood K23CM13

Kenwood K25CB12

Kenwood GJ/SS25

Kenwood ST/SS25

Kenwood GTAL17A

Kenwood K25MMS14

Kenwood SJSB21A

You’ll need Adobe Reader to be able to open the files. Click below for more information and a free download:

If you bought a microwave from Currys or PC World store in the UK and Ireland and can't find the manual for your model, please send a request using the feedback link below.

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May 22, 2014

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