One of the most interesting and useful features in Windows 8 is the brand new 'Picture Password' feature. What is it? Essentially it's a clever alternative to the traditional password method we're used to using made up of letters, numbers and symbols. Instead you create a password using a full screen picture and then designate certain points to either touch or click (or swipe or drag).

The Knowhow

Let's see how this works:

1. Open the Charms bar and select Settings

2. From here, choose Change PC Settings

3. From the screen that appears, choose Users as shown here and choose Create a picture password under the Sign-in options section:

Windows 8 PC Settings

4. If using a Microsoft ID on the computer, you will need to enter the password now

5. When the following screen appears, follow the prompts on screen to complete the picture password:

Windows 8 picture password welcome screen

6. Simply choose a picture from here, you can choose a picture contained within your Cloud, Skydrive or stored locally.

7. When the picture appears, follow the instructions on the side of the screen: Draw three gestures on your picture. You can use any combination or circles, straight lines and taps. Remember the size, position, and direction of your gestures - and the order in which you make them - become part of picture password.

Windows 8 set up gestures picture password

9. Once done, you will be asked to confirm the gestures once more

10. Once confirmed, simply choose Finish and the Picture password will be completed

Knowhow Windows 8 support

Updated On:

May 22, 2014

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