This article gives you instructions on how to create recovery discs for your Windows 8 HP computer.

The Knowhow

Before Starting

NOTE: Only DVD-R and DVD R discs are compatible with the Recovery Media Creation program. The following disc types are NOT compatible with the Recovery Media Creation program:


  • The Recovery Media Creation software program allows only one complete set of discs to be created.
  • The Recovery Media Creation software program requires an uncorrupted recovery partition (Recovery Image (D:)) to create a set of discs. Uncorrupted means the recovery partition has not been modified or removed.
  • The creation process takes about 30 minutes per DVD. The entire recovery set does not need to be created in one session.
  • The Recovery Media Creation software can be aborted at any time, except during the writing (burning) process, by clicking Cancel . The next time the Recovery Media Creation software program is run, it automatically starts where it last stopped.
  • You can use the recovery discs you create on your computer on another computer only if the second computer is the same model as the one that created the recovery discs.

Creating the discs

1. Disconnect from the Internet and close all other programs. Creating recovery discs is a resource-intensive process. You should not use your computer for other work while the computer is creating recovery discs.

2. Move your mouse to the upper right corner of the screen, click Search, and type recovery .

3. Click Recovery Manager in the list of results.

4. Under I'd like to take precautions , click Recovery Media Creation .

If Recovery Manager sends the following message, a recovery image has already been created. Due to license restrictions, only one set of recovery media can be created. If the first recovery disc set is incomplete or damaged and this message opens, use another method to obtain new discs.

5. If you are prompted for an Administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. If a User Account Control window asks if you want to allow the program to make changes to the computer, click Yes .

6.In the Recovery Media Creation window, select Create recovery media using blank DVD(s) . Then click Next to continue.

The Recovery Media Creation program displays the number of discs needed to create your set of recovery discs.

Obtain the same number of blank DVDs as shown in the window and label them, according to their disc number, using a permanent marker.

For example, if your recovery requires 4 discs, mark the first disc 1 of 4 and the second 2 of 4, and so on.

7. Insert the first blank DVD and close the disc tray. Click Next to continue.

8. A verification window opens, showing the disc type and the number of discs needed. Click Next.

9. The Recovery Media Creation window opens and displays the status of the following processes:

Collecting files - The program collects needed files from the recovery partition.

Writing files - The program burns the first disc.

Verifying disc - The program verifies the contents of each disc.

10. Wait for a message stating that disc creation was successful.

When the disc has been created, the disc tray opens automatically.

11. If prompted for another disc, insert it into the disc tray.

The same process begins for Disc 2 and subsequent discs, if they are required. With the successful burning of each disc, a Disc creation successful message displays and the disc tray automatically opens, allowing you to retrieve the disc.

12. Continue creating discs until Recovery Media Creation has successfully created all recovery discs. Click Next .

The Recovery Manager displays a message indicating the program was successful. Click Finish.

If the computer ejects a disc and a disc verification error message displays, the disc burn on that disc was unsuccessful. Do not exit from the system recovery disc process. Instead, insert another disc to complete the disc creation process. If the error occurs again, use a different brand of writable disc.

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Jan 16, 2013

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