These days our computers can function as entertainment centres to listen to music, watch movies or play the latest games. Even if you have speakers built in to your computer, you may want to use external speaker to get the best possible sound quality.

A good quality set of surround speakers can take you right into the action of the movie or game; letting you get the full experience in a really immersive way. Watch Harry Potter in 5.1 surround and you’ll soon be able to tell your Dobby from your Dolby. Here’s how to get the best sonic experience.

The Knowhow

  • Putting your speakers in the right spot: Arrange the speakers where you want them, making sure the cables can reach your computer. Basic stereo speakers go either side of your screen; a sub-woofer can go anywhere in your room; if you have surround speakers, these go behind where you are sitting. There is a useful setup guide on the Dolby website.

  • Connecting your speakers: There are several types of connections on external speakers. You will need to check what connections your computer has in order to complete the setup. The most common is a 3.5mm audio connection:

    A typical PC speaker cable

    Desktop computers usually have matching colour coded sockets.

    Audio sockets on the back of a PC

    Laptop computers don’t usually have colour coded sockets. Look for a headphone symbol.

    Audio connections on a laptop

    If your speaker system has a subwoofer included, you may need to plug each speaker into the subwoofer using a colour-coded system. Then plug the sub-woofer into your PC. For these more complicated set-ups, you should follow the instructions that come with your speakers.

  • Test your speakers Before you plug your speakers in and turn them on, you should check the volume level on the speakers (usually a dial) is not set too high. It is also worth checking the volume level on the computer (usually on the bottom left of the computer screen). If it is set too high when sound first plays through them then you may hurt not only your ears but those of your neighbours, and blow your speakers!

After you have arranged the speakers and connected them to the computer, plug your speaker’s power adapter into a power outlet and turn them on.

When it’s all connected, turn your music on, launch a game or play a movie and test out your speakers.

I can’t hear any sound?

We Knowhow™ to get the sound back on your computer.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual for specific details.

Updated On:

Mar 12, 2013

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