The true secret to a perfect cup of coffee is a clean coffee maker. Whether you’re relaxing with a good book and smooth latte or kick-starting your day with an explosive espresso, if you want that deep, rich, taste to really hit the spot you need to keep your coffee machine clean.

Although you can buy specific products to clean your little barista, it’s a simple process to refresh your filter machine using some common kitchen ingredients. Here’s a guide to getting a great brew once more.

The Knowhow

  • Empty the pot of any coffee.
  • If there is a filter and grounds in the machine, remove them.
  • Wash the pot well with hot soapy water, then rinse.
  • Fill the pot to the maximum level with a solution of white spirit vinegar and water. Use one part vinegar to two parts water.
  • Pour the solution into the coffee machine’s reservoir.
  • Replace the pot into the machine and turn on the machine.
  • Once the cycle has run, turn the machine off and allow it to cool.
  • Discard the vinegar solution.
  • Fill the pot with clean water and pour this into the reserviour.
  • Turn on the machine and let a full cycle run.
  • Let the machine cool once more, then run another full cycle with clean water.

Your machine should now be sparkling fresh and the vinegar will have removed any stale flavours and can help reduce hard water build-ups. Running two cycles of clean water should have removed any flavour of vinegar but if any smell remains, or tangy flavour in the water from the second rinse, run another cycle of clean water through the machine.

Your coffee maker will now be perked up and ready to go.

Updated On:

May 09, 2011

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