With many people leaving film behind and going digital with their cameras, a digital photo frame is the perfect way to display your favourite images. You can pre-load them with all sorts of images, letting them cycle through slideshows of anything from your wedding photos, through to a series of pictures of Great Aunt Maureen for when she comes to visit.

Some digital photo frames will let you load photos straight from the camera’s memory card, but you might want to use your computer to rotate the images or enhance them with a photo editing package. Once you’re ready, it’s a simple task to transfer your pictures across - Here’s a simple guide to help you get the slideshow on the road.

The Knowhow

Memory card:

Many digital photo frames allow you to import images by inserting a compatible memory card. You can use the memory card directly from the camera, providing the images are saved in a format that the frame can read. For example, many frames and cameras can use the JPEG format. You can also transfer images from your computer onto a memory card using a card reader and insert this into the frame.

USB Memory stick:

Using a memory stick, you can transfer images from your computer to the frame. Insert the stick into one of the computer’s USB ports and copy the images you want onto it.

  • You can select multiple images at once by holding down control while clicking on each image file in turn
  • When all the images you want to transfer are highlighted, right click and select copy
  • Right click on the window for the USB drive and select paste

The images will now transfer to the memory stick and it can be inserted into the frame.

From computer via USB lead:

If your frame has any installation software or drivers, install these using the user guide.

  • Connect the computer to the frame with a USB lead
  • Your computer will recognise the frame and open an icon for it
  • Select the images you want to copy across using the selection method above
  • When all the images you want are highlighted, right click on the photo frame window and click paste

The images will now copy across to the frame.

Remember your frame will only have a limited amount of memory for storing images. You may need to delete some photos already stored on it to make room. Your user guide will show you how to do this.

To change the order of photos in an album on a PC:

  • Open the folder where the album is stored
  • Right click the screen, select View and click List
  • Drag and drop the photos to the positions you want them in the folder (to do this click on a photo, hold the mouse button down, move the cursor to a different position and then release the button)
  • Right click the screen and open the Arrange Icons By tab

Here you can change the order of photos by the date they were taken through the Picture Taken on option.

Now your pictures are in the frame, you can chose from a variety of display methods. Your device’s user manual will let you know all the options and how to set them up. A few simple steps and you’ll be able to have a slideshow of your favourite images at any time.

Updated On:

Nov 02, 2011

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