Choosing where to put your Freeview TV is often based on where power sockets and TV points are located. Using a portable indoor aerial allows you to position your TV where you want without the need for long wires, but is it good enough for you to watch Freeview?

The Knowhow

While indoor set top aerials offer great convenience and flexibility for your TV; are they good enough to act as a Freeview aerial?

A small number of homes will be able to use a set top aerial to receive all the Freeview channels with a good signal.

In most cases you will be able to pick up Freeview, however you will have:

  • Missing channels
  • Blockiness or picture / sound break up on some channels
  • Be more prone to interference

In most cases we strongly recommend you use a rooftop aerial or a cable / satellite signal. These will give you better reception and access to all the Freeview channels in your area.

Updated On:

Mar 07, 2013

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