The advent of the MP3 player has meant that we all want to store more music on our computer. Although it’s possible to buy and download music from online shops, there’s nothing like buying a special edition CD by your favourite band and having a physical copy in your hands, and we often want to copy music across from our existing CD collection. It’s not difficult to transfer the CD onto your computer with Windows Media Player. From there, it’s a short step to having it on your MP3 player with the rest of your music.

The Knowhow

Open Windows Media Player:

  • Click on Start windows start button and type media into the search programs and files box
  • Select Windows Media Player from the list

If you inserted a CD before opening Media Player, you will get an auto play box. Just select Play Audio CD and it will open Windows Media Player for you.

media player auto play
Once Windows Media Player is open insert your CD into the drive. The list of tracks will appear on the left hand side of the screen.

Select Rip CD on the upper middle part of this screen.
media play rip CD

Within a few minutes, the CD will have transferred to your computer and be ready to put on your MP3 player. Sounds good to us.

Updated On:

Jul 03, 2012

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