If your monitor isn’t displaying everything as it should and is turning everything a lovely shade of red, green or blue, it’s most likely you have an issue with your cables. It’s very quick and simple to check, so we’ve provided a guide that will bring all the colours of the rainbow back to your screen.

fixing the monitor screen

The Knowhow

  • Turn your computer and monitor off
  • Unplug the display cable behind your computer
  • Look at the pins in the end. It’s common for one or two to be missing but none should be bent.

    monitor plug
  • Reconnect the display cable to your computer, making sure it’s securely connected. Tip: If your cable has finger screws, tighten these to ensure a good connection and keep it from getting knocked loose.
  • Repeat the above steps where the display cable connects to your monitor
  • With everything connected properly, your display should be back to normal
  • If not, try with a different cable

Your display should now be crisp, sharp and not look like you’re viewing it through tinted glasses.

Updated On:

Jul 04, 2012

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