Most of the time our PCs boot up pretty quickly, but there are days when it really drags its heels as if it never properly woke up in the morning.

Slow Computer ManualLoading Windows takes an age, displaying the desktop looks as if it’s going to take most of the day and it feels like by the time you’ve got your email open it’ll practically be time for bed. This isn’t right - you got the PC to save time, not so you could sit there looking at an egg timer and drumming your fingers impatiently. There are all sorts of things that can make your computer act sluggishly, but the good news is many of them can be fixed with one simple tool. We’ll show you how.

The Knowhow

If a simple reboot of the system doesn’t dramatically improve performance, then try the Microsoft Fix it tool:

  • Download and run the Microsoft Fix it tool:

    Microsoft fix it tool
  • If prompted by User Account Control allow Mats_Run.performance.exe to run by clicking Yes
  • Review the Microsoft license agreement and click Accept to continue
  • Click Detect problems and apply the fixes for me
  • If the fix it tool prompts you to configure programs to improve startup performance, click the Start System Configuration button.

Click for more information on How to use the System Configuration utility in Microsoft Windows 7

This tool will check the following:

  • If the power plan is set to power saver
  • Is more than one user is logged on to the computer?
  • Are multiple anti-virus programs running?
  • Are there several unnecessary programs running when Windows starts?
  • Running advanced visual effects (like Vista transparency)and running multiple programs at once may affect performance

There are many reasons why your computer is running slowly, and the symptoms will depend on what course of action to take. Knowhow offer a free  PC diagnostic tool that scans your computer for problems that may be causing it to slowdown;. For more information, click on the link below:

Updated On:

Jan 14, 2014

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