We all love to talk and more importantly, be heard. Connecting your digital voice recorder to your PC and transferring your voice files to use at a later date or as a backup should ensure that you never go unheard.

Dictaphone files are recorded to a small internal hard drive, so it should be as easy as copying files from one device to another.

The Knowhow

Connect to your PC and backup your voice files in 4 simple steps

  • Connect your digital voice recorder to your computer using the USB cable link provided
  • Turn on your digital voice recorder
  • Use My Computer to locate your digital voice recorder and open it
  • Drag the files you want from the My Computer folder to your desktop

Your digital voice files will be copied completely to your computer for access at any point.

With all your comments safely stored away on your PC, you can carry on voicing your opinions or listen to others voice theirs.

Updated On:

Nov 21, 2011

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