Binoculars are sensitive pieces of equipment and need some careful TLC. Looking after the lenses and mechanisms will help keep your set in pristine condition, giving sharp, clear images just like they did when you first took them out of the box. It's very simple to keep your binoculars in good condition, but a bit more complicated than just breathing on the lens and rubbing with a tissue. Here's the best way to keep your bins clean and the lenses bright.

The Knowhow

  • Using a lint-free microfiber cloth and a lens brush, remove any dust and dirt from the binoculars body.
  • Any dust or grit in hard-to-reach places can be removed with a quick squirt of compressed air.
  • Once the body is free of dust and dirt, gently brush any dust from the lenses with a lens brush. You can also use a blast of compressed air to help.
  • When the lenses are free of grit and other dirt, moisten the microfiber cloth with a lens cleaning fluid designed for binoculars and gently clean the lenses with it.
  • Allow the lenses to dry completely before using.

It's important to be gentle due to the sensitive nature of optical equipment. Always carefully clean your binoculars after use in dusty or rainy conditions or when using near the sea, where sand and salt-water residue may have got onto them. A little care and attention and they'll repay you with a lifetime of beautiful images.

Always refer to the manufacturer's manual for specific details.

Updated On:

Oct 14, 2011

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