Your Dyson vacuum cleaner may well be one of your household favourites; with a wave of your wand you can easily get into those hard to reach nooks and crannies, wiping out dust and stubborn dirt. The "no mess no fuss" attachments make it a tough all-rounder.

Knowing what the attachments are for and using them correctly is your first step to a clean home and keeping on the ball. There’s a lengthy list of available Dyson attachments - here’s a guide to some of the most popular ones.

The Knowhow

Flexi Crevice tool

This tool reaches the most inaccessible spots in your home. It’s extendable, flexible and versatile. Stiff nylon bristles at the tip agitate and dislodge stubborn and ground in dirt and debris. The extendable and detachable rubber section lets you flex it to the desired angle you want.

Use for: cleaning between cabinets and cupboards, behind radiators and under car seats. Remove rubber section and use to clean away larger debris.

Compatible with: upright, canister and handheld Dyson cleaners

Multi-angle brush tool

The multi-angle tool rotates to give multiple cleaning angles. Fine nylon bristles remove dust from awkward areas unreachable with a soft dusting brush. It attaches to the wand or hose of your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Use for: dusting tops of cupboards and cabinets, door frames and lampshades

Compatible with: upright and canister Dyson cleaners

Soft dusting brush tool

This soft dusting brush works like a normal dusting brush but with Dyson vacuum power behind it. The tapered shape channels the airflow distributing pressure evenly through the length of the brush. Fine nylon bristles angled at 45 degrees sweep dust into the airflow where it’s sucked away. A felt strip down the middle helps prevent scratching any delicate or polished surfaces. Wider spaced front bristles prevent it from sticking to furniture or upholstery. It attaches easily to the hose or wand of your vacuum cleaner.

Use for: dusting delicate areas, polished surfaces and upholstery e.g. blinds

Compatible with: upright, cylinder and handheld Dyson vacuum cleaners

Consult your manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning delicate surfaces in your home.

Stiff bristle brush tool

This tool is heavy duty and removes even the most stubborn dirt and ground-in mud. Dyson state "Not recommended for use on delicate flooring, rugs or carpets." It attaches to the hose or wand or your vacuum cleaner.

Use for: car floors and upholstery, deep pile carpets

Compatible with: upright, canister or handheld Dyson vacuum cleaners

There’s a big selection of other Dyson attachments available - they can be viewed on the Dyson website:

Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual for specific details.

Updated On:

Feb 27, 2012

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