For most people, a slice of toast is a favourite way to get rid of hunger, especially at breakfast time. The trusty toaster is usually popping up on a pretty regular basis in most family homes. So much so, that sometimes we take it for granted.

Toasters need cleaning and maintaining like any other kitchen appliance; otherwise they become clogged and stop working effectively. We give you the top tips on keeping your toaster clean.

The Knowhow

Before you start, unplug the toaster from the main socket and wait until it has completely cooled down before cleaning.

  • There will be a crumb tray at the bottom of the toaster. Pull this out and empty its contents into the bin. If crumbs are stuck on the tray, take a paper towel to wipe them off.
  • Throughout usage, crumbs and burnt food can get stuck inside the toaster. To get rid of them:
    • Turn the toaster upside down over a bin and shake gently until all loose crumbs have fallen out. While doing this, make sure you keep the plug and cable away from any water.
    • Please make sure your toaster has completely cooled down before following the next step. If there's stubborn crumbs still left inside the toaster, use a toothbrush to gently brush them away.
    • Never use any sharp utensils to clean it out, especially a sharp knife. This can cause future problems with the toaster.
  • Using a lightly damp lint-free cloth, wipe down the outside of the toaster, making sure no water gets inside. Note: Don't immerse the toaster in water as this will stop it from working and will also invalidate your warrantee.

Simple. Do this on a regular basis to avoid your toaster becoming toast.

Updated On:

Jun 06, 2011

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