It’s nice to have photos of family and friends around the home. If you have a large family, finding room for all your snaps can be a problem, but thanks to the digital photo frame, you can now show pictures in colourful succession in one single frame. Just like you would an ordinary photo, you’ll want to keep it clean and free of dust. Here are some handy dos and don’ts.

The Knowhow

  • Always pour cleaning products onto a cloth then apply to the screen. Use sparingly and never pour them straight onto the frame.
  • Use water or a cleaning product designed for use on digital picture frames. It should not contain ammonia or alcohol.
  • Stronger household cleaners must never be used on these devices. They can be corrosive and damage the screen or frame.
  • Using the dampened cloth or screen cleaner, wipe the frame and screen gently. Allow it to dry fully before use.

Now your loved ones look their best again.

All it takes is a little TLC

Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual for specific details.

Updated On:

Jun 24, 2011

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