The was a time when dictaphones were mainly used in offices for transcribing letters and memos. Those days are long gone - the advent of the portable digital voice recorder opens up a huge range of options that is only limited by your imagination. With their large storage capability, modern dictaphones give you the power to capture any audio at any moment. We can’t list every possibility, but here’s a guide designed to spark some ideas.

The Knowhow

  • Reminders - Capture ideas, notes and memos as they occur to you.
  • Speech to text - The latest software can accurately transfer your dictation into usable business documents.
  • Interviews and meetings - Recording exactly what is said frees you up to concentrate on key points rather than taking notes.
  • Lectures and presentations - Review and revise important sections at your leisure.
  • Dyslexia- Record instructions or text for someone with reading difficulties.
  • Podcasts - Record your own podcast no matter where you are.
  • Music composition - Thought up a tune but nowhere near your instrument? Hum it into the dictaphone so you can play it later.
  • Birdwatching - Connect a directional microphone and you can pick up the finest details of birdsong in their natural environments.
  • Brainstorming - Whether you’re creating a business strategy or working through a chapter of the novel you’re writing, let your stream of consciousness run wild and digest the ideas later.
  • Shopping lists - Tell the machine what you need to buy, and let it remind you through the headphones once you’re in the supermarket.
  • Phone conversations - Attach a telephone recording device to keep a record of important phone conversations, interviews and discussions.
  • With phone conversations, tell the people you’re speaking to you’re recording. This ensures you keep within the law.

You can record absolutely anything with a digital dictaphone. The devices are so portable and easy to use you can always carry one and get it up and running in moments. Whether it’s work or play, your pocket device lets you record the important stuff at the touch of a button.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual for specific details.

Updated On:

Oct 18, 2011

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