The world around us is getting more technical and high-powered every day and even toothbrushes, the most everyday of household items, are being given supersonic powers. Many toothbrushes on the market have sonic or ultrasonic in their name but what does this actually mean? Here we look at the power behind the technology:

The Knowhow

Sonic toothbrushes are like electric toothbrushes but use high velocity speeds of around 300,000 brush strokes a minute. The theory behind the sonic technology is that it whips toothpaste and water into an oxygen-rich foamy liquid and then jets this liquid between and behind teeth and under the gum line to dislodge plaque.

When bacteria is left behind it can build up and cause all sorts of nasty problems such as gum disease and bad breath.

Opinion is divided on whether the sonic technology is any better than a regular electric toothbrush and the Which? guide says there is no conclusive proof that they work any better or are more effective at removing plaque.

But fans of the technology say it really does seem to work and that brushing is gentler and teeth seem cleaner.

So it really is a matter of taste when choosing your brush. Some leading brands such as Philips, offer a 90 day back money guarantee on their Sonicare product, which will give you the chance to test out whether the sonic brush really does have super powers.

When it comes to brushing the best rule is to use what suits you and as long as you brush twice a day, for 2 minutes at a time and keep up your flossing you should have a supersonic smile to be proud of.

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May 20, 2014

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