Your iPod is more than just a portable jukebox - It’s very easy to connect it to a Hi-Fi system and fill your house with music. You can listen to your favourite tunes in all their glory without the need for headphones. Even better, you can now create playlists for any occasion and not have to burn them to CD; whether it’s a knees up or a dinner party your iPod can be the in-house band.

It only takes moments to get everything set up and the music pumping, and the cheapest options are very easy on the pocket. We’ll tell you all you need to know make the connection.

The Knowhow

  • Check the inputs at the back of your Hi-Fi. These will either be phono or jack connectors
  • Phono connectors are smooth with no ridges; this is the most common input
  • Jacks are ridged, such as the connector on a pair of headphones
  • If you are unsure of which inputs your system has, the user manual should tell you
  • Alternatively, take a digital photo of the inputs and take it with you; this will enable a member of staff to clearly identify which cable you need

Audio cable:

  • You will need a 3.5mm mini jack to 2 x phono or jack cable, depending on your Hi-Fi’s input
  • These are a few pounds for a basic cable, but can be much more expensive for high-quality versions aimed at audio enthusiasts
  • Connect the 3.5mm jack to the iPod’s headphone socket and the other two plugs into the Hi-Fi
  • Change the Hi-Fi’s source to pick up the connection - this is usually Aux In
  • Set the iPod’s volume level to about 75% to avoid distortion
  • Select and play music via the iPod

iPod Dock:

  • iPod docking stations can improve the sound quality over just an audio cable
  • Specifications and features vary according to model, but many feature remote control and charge the iPod while connected
  • Some docks may need to be connected to the mains
  • Prices vary from around £30 up to hundreds of pounds for top-of-the-range wireless models
  • Cables needed to connect the dock to your Hi-Fi will vary by model
  • Docking stations with built-in speakers are also available

Using the auxiliary inputs on your Hi-Fi, you can get your iPod playing loud and proud no matter what your budget. Enjoy!

Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual for specific details.

Updated On:

Nov 21, 2011

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