Health grills are a hot buy for your kitchen delivering knock-out food with less fat. Whether it’s browning a burger or searing a steak your grill will cook you up a culinary treat in super quick time. George Foreman grills are a well known brand but there are other choices on the market, which also pack a punch when cooking your food. Health grills are not a kitchen essential but they can be a good addition to your home and many people heartily recommended them. We look at the reasons to sizzle:

The Knowhow

Why they are good:

  • Cook food and drain away the fat
  • Quick cooking time
  • Tasty food
  • Good to clean


Grill plates:

  • Have ridges to hold the food above the cooking surface so fat and juice drains away
  • On most plates the lower ridges are tilted to stop food sliding forwards when you open the lid
  • Some are detachable for easy cleaning

Floating hinge:

A good feature as it makes it easier to cook larger foods as the grill will adapt to the thickness of the food.

Indicator lights:

They usually have one light that comes on when the grill is heating, and goes off when it’s ready to cook.

Drip tray:

This catches the fat and juices as they drain away and can normally be cleaned in the dishwasher.


Some grills have external catches that lock to that keep the plates together so it’s easier to store the appliance on its side.

With chicken taking about 6 minutes to cook and salmon around 4 they are a good option if you want a quick meal and fans rave about the way they seal in flavour. Obviously if you are choosing to cook sausages and burgers your food isn’t going to be as healthy but using a grill is a better option than frying them in fat.

Aa grill could be for you, serving you up champion food with no fuss. Now that’s something to get your teeth into.

Updated On:

Sep 12, 2012

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