Most of us have probably had one of those scary moments, when we leave the hair straighteners on - running back to the house to turn them off or trying to hide the big burn mark on the bed, hoping no one will notice!

Leaving an electrical item plugged in can never be a good thing and we're here to tell you why.

The Knowhow

Even though the hair straighteners are not turned on, they're still at risk of causing an unnecessary fire if left plugged in.

  • If there's a storm, it can cause a power surge and in some cases it causes an electrical fire
  • If the plug socket accidently gets switched on while the hair straigheners are plugged in, they can heat up and cause a fire. Note: Most straighteners can have temperatures hotter than the inside of an oven!

It's always best to be cautious!

Now it's time to get ready for that big night out!

Updated On:

Jun 06, 2011

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