Your Sky Remote can do more than simply change channels. With the touch of a few buttons your handheld controller turns into a magic wand that can unlock all sorts of features to improve your TV viewing. To get the best out of the Sky Remote, you'll need to program it to your television. This lets you use the device to directly control your telly - much easier than using two (or more!) remotes.

It's a quick process, but you need to know a four-digit code to get everything working in the right way. Our simple guide will clear the clouds away and let you enjoy a perfect Sky.

The Knowhow

Your remote may need programming when it's new, you change batteries or you replace your TV.

  • Turn on your TV and set it to your Sky channel
  • Press the Interactive button on the Sky Remote
  • Choose Sky Active
  • Select Help Centre
  • Select Setup my Sky Remote
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • When prompted to, scroll through the lists to select the make and model of TV you have
  • Make a note of the four-digit code
  • Point your Sky Remote away from the TV and put your hand over the end to cover the signal
  • Press TV
  • You can now remove your hand
  • Press and hold Select and the Red Button until the light on the remote flashes twice
  • Enter the four-digit code using the remote's number pad and press Select
  • Put your hand over the end of the remote again
  • Press the Sky button

Your remote is now programmed to work with your television. Although you might not be able to use it for every function on its dedicated controller, the Sky device will let you do things like change volume or put the TV into standby mode.

Sit back and enjoy your favourite shows.

Updated On:

Nov 30, 2011

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