You're ready for a movie night in with the family and put the popcorn in the microwave. After a few minutes, you realise that even though it looks like its working, there's no popping noise and nothing has changed. You try another bag - same thing.

We all rely on our time-saving microwaves, so it can be awfully frustrating when it stops working properly.

The Knowhow

Microwaves are very easy to use but when something is wrong they need to be handled by a professional. Never take the cover off the microwave and try to fix it yourself - microwaves can give you an electric shock even when unplugged.

Before you proceed, check that:

  • The cooking time has been set
  • The correct power setting has been used
  • The door is closed
  • The mains socket is not overloaded causing the fuse to blow

If the microwave looks like its working properly but not heating food, it probably means the magnetron has stopped working. In some cases, you might also hear a buzzing sound. The magnetron is the part in a microwave which heats your food up. The magnetron can be a little pricey to replace and in most cases, it's easier to purchase a new microwave.

  • If your microwave is still under warranty contact your manufacturer
  • If your microwave is not in warranty, ask for a quote from a local specialist or call Knowhow on 0344 561 1234

Hopefully, you'll be back to quick cooking in no time.

Updated On:

May 22, 2014

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