You've got a head of wet hair and are half way through drying when your hairdryer cuts out and instead of a head of perfectly styled hair you have steam coming out of your ears. Read on to find out why your hairdryer is stopping you styling and what's causing the problem.

The Knowhow

A hairdryer doesn't have many parts but it can go wrong if it gets clogged with dust and hair. Dryers have a small fan which is placed behind a heating element. When the dryer is turned on the electricity powers the fan, which blows hair past a heating element which warms the air coming out of the nozzle.

If the air flow is obstructed and the air becomes too hot, a thermostat cuts off the power to prevent burning out the motor.

When the temperature cools down the hairdryer will often start working again.

What is causing the problem:

There is a vent at the back of the dryer which sometimes gets blocked with hair or dust and stops the correct amount of airflow coming through it.

What to do:

Make sure this vent is clean. You can use a vacuum to clear the vent from the outside.

Or refer to our article on How to lubricate your hairdryer's motor - this will show you how to open your hairdryer and get rid of dust inside the dryer.

Warning: Opening your hairdryer may invalidate your warranty.

Hopefully this has helped you with that burning question and your hair is back in style.

Always refer to the manufacturers instructions.

Updated On:

Jun 14, 2011

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