Choosing a washing machine can be quite a task, especially if you find yourself needing to pay hundreds more for a really high spin speed. The question we need to ask is does spin speed really make a difference when washing our clothes.

The Knowhow

Most washing machines on the market have spin speeds between 1000rpm - 1600rpm. This means the machine’s drum will rotate that many times per minute. The faster it spins the more water is collected from your clothes, meaning they will be drier when taken out of the washing machine.

Most washing machines let you adjust the spin speed, dependant on the type of wash you're doing. The main advantages of having a higher spin speed is your clothes will need less time to dry and you won't need to use the tumble dryer as much.  However, lower spin speeds are needed for delicate clothing and will help to reduce creasing.

Here is a guide based on a 6kg machine with a top spin speed of 1400 rpm, but do check the manufacturer’s instruction book for their own recommendations:

  • Cottons: 1400 rpm
  • Minimum iron: 1200 rpm
  • Delicates: 600 rpm
  • Woollens: 1200 rpm
  • Silks: 400 rpm
  • Shirts: 600 rpm
  • Denim: 900 rpm

Updated On:

Feb 17, 2012

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