After having a taste of how good life is with your iPhone or iPad, you know you need both of them in your life. It's not called greed - it's called temptation. You're the individual that has all the latest technology and wants to show them off to the world.

These sleek and stylish gadgets do come at a price though and can empty out your savings if you're not too careful. At the moment, not many networks are offering combined tariffs but we've written a guide to the best deals currently out there.

The Knowhow

Already own an iPhone and iPad

The mobile phone networks see the iPhone and iPad as two separate entities so don't offer any combined tariffs if you already own both devices.

iPhone: You can pay a monthly charge for minutes, texts and data, which can be on a 30-day rolling, 12 month, 18 month or 24 month contract. The offers vary from network-to-network and depend on how many minutes, texts and data you need.

iPad: You can pay a monthly 30 day rolling charge or pay-per-day for mobile broadband access. A lot of mobile networks will offer you data and allow you to use their Wi-Fi points around the whole of the UK.

Please note that a standard SIM card will not work in the iPad as they use microSIMs. Most mobile phone networks will send you a microSIM free of charge when purchasing from them.

O2 say that 90% of their users use under 500mb of data per month, saying a typical web page is about 100KB, a song is about 5MB and a video of 30 minutes takes up 250MB.

  • Currently, Vodafone offer an exceptional deal: £7.50 a month on a 30 day rolling contract gets you - 500mb mobile broadband data, free Wi-Fi and 1GB data on over 3,000 BT-Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • If you like to watch online videos and there isn't a Wi-Fi spot nearby you might want to go for a bigger package like Three who are offering: £15 per month on a one month rolling contract with 10GB of data.

While the offers above are correct at the time of writing, different plans can be offered at any given time. Check with your mobile network to see what deals they can offer you.

You can connect to Wi-Fi for free, as long as you're given the permission to do so. For example, if you have a wireless router setup in your home, you can connect your iPhone or iPad to it. When connected to it you can download data without having to pay any mobile network charges, but please keep in mind of charges you might incur from your internet provider.

If you don't currently own an iPhone and iPad

At present Orange are the only mobile phone network to offer a combined tariff for the iPhone and iPad. It's called the 'Connected Plan' and allows you to buy the iPhone and iPad for a smaller fee, but signs you up to a high tariff 24 month contract.

Shown below is the initial price you would pay for just owning the iPhone and iPad. If you're not an Orange customer you'll need to add an extra £50 on top of the price shown.

  iPad 2 3G - 16GB iPad 2 3G - 32GB iPad 2 3G - 64GB
iPhone 4 16GB £99 £149 £229
iPhone 4 32GB £179 £229 £299

Once you have paid this initial charge, you'll have a monthly charge of £65 for 24 months. Included in this is: 600 minutes, unlimited texts, 2GB shared data between the both devices and unlimited Wi-Fi in BT Openzone hotspots. This could cost you a minimum of £1659 - £1709 in total for 24 months.

The combined tariff from Orange might sound a little pricey but it can cost a considerable amount more if you have two separate contracts. The best idea is to contact your current mobile phone provider and ask what deal they can do for you.

When you're looking at costs, make sure you have a rough idea of how many minutes, texts and data you'll need. You can always call your mobile phone provider and ask what your usage has been over the last few months to give you a better idea. Hopefully, you can now get the best out of your iPhone and iPad and can get back to playing Angry Birds!

Updated On:

Nov 21, 2011

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