If your laptop or netbook breaks down the experts at Knowhow can fix it for you. We repair all the main brands even if you bought your laptop elsewhere.

A few great things

  • Free in store consultation
  • Fixed price for labour plus parts
  • No fix, no fee
  • 3 month repair guarantee


We love our laptops and netbooks and you probably love yours too; it lets you work, research, shop, play online games and loads more wherever you want. Our laptops or netbooks take a lot of bumps and knocks in daily use which can sometimes cause them to break down.

Knowhow can repair your laptop or netbook for you at our state of the art repair workshop. For minor faults having your product repaired can be a lot cheaper than buying a brand new one (and save you the hassle of getting it just the way you want it).

If you need your laptop repairing pop into the Knowhow Service Bar at your local PC or and we can talk you through your options.

Know it all

Our Laptop & Netbook repair service is ideal if your laptop is no longer covered by manufacturer’s warranty. Here’s how it works:

  • Bring your laptop to Knowhow at PC or and tell us what the problem is
  • You’ll pay a €70 service charge which covers courier costs and diagnostics
  • To save time we’ll ask you to set a maximum repair price you’re prepared to pay. This lets us get straight into the repair once we know how much it will cost
  • If the repair is going to cost more then we’ll let you know and ask if you want to continue
  • We’ll send your laptop or netbook back to the store for you to collect and you’ll pay the repair cost when you arrive. If you chose not to have your laptop or netbook repaired you will have nothing to pay, however, the €70 service charge is non-refundable
  • We give you a 3 month warranty on the repair which starts when you collect your laptop or netbook from the store

Full terms and conditions can be found here.


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